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Control Switches

Control Switches are used to energise contactors for controlling motor operations.
Most of the switches are "Spring Return" type for latching of the circuit with NO contact and facilitate tripping by the tripping device.
Applications : Control Switches offer unique alternative to multiple "Push Button Stations", when one Switch controls instead of many Push Buttons. Control Switch with many positions are offered for a suitable combination.
SP 61300 1 Pole STOP - START with Spring Return 1
SP 61388 2 Pole STOP - START with Spring Return 2
SP 61301 1 Pole STOP - START with Spring Return from Start to Run 1
SP 61701 Without Jumper
SP 61307 STOP - START SWITCH with Spring Return to Run for 2 Units 2
SP 61707 Without Jumper
SP 61366 Contactor Control with Spring Return to OFF 2
SP 61271 Motor Voltage Control Switch 2
Feasible ampere rating for S, TP and RT Series : 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40 and 63 Amps.
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Control Switches
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