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Rotary Cam Switch, Breaker Control Switch, Rotary Switch, Micro Switch, Indication Lamps, Toggle switch, Led Indicating Lamps

Rotary Switches

Rotary switches are manufactured in accordance with the latest engineering practices. These are guaranteed for optimum performance and meet teh arduous industrial application and are designed for ON LOAD switching.
Rotary switching in open execution incorporate rotary action air break type wiping contacts house in an assembly of packets moulded from anti-tracking thermosetting plastics.
rotary switches offer design flexibility that makes complex switching combinations possible.
Standard switching combinations
Single Phase - 250 volts (1 & 2 pole)
Three Phase - 440 volts (3 poles & above)
Working voltage 250 to Earth
Rotary Switches
Rotary Switches Table
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Control Switches
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